Eating Organically: What You Need to Know


First, what is organic food? Organic food is food that is grown with little to no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, and other unnatural materials. Organic livestock are also raised differently in that they are organically fed and have access to outdoors. They are not given antibiotics and hormones that conventional livestock are given. Organic food production involves a natural, chemical-free processes to ensure healthier, more natural products.

Organic food contains less pesticides, is fresher, and better for the overall environment. Non-organic food is produced with harmful pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals. These harmful toxins are digested in the body after consumption. These substances can have harmful effects on the human body including different cancers and serious illnesses. Organic food is fresher than non-organic foods. This is because organic food processes do not contain the preservatives used in non-organic processes. The preservatives help increase the shelf life of the non-organic foods. Lastly, organic food is much safer for the overall environment. Organic farming has a long list of benefits to the environment which include reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility, and using less energy. In addition to these major benefits, organic farming methods refrain from using pesticides. By not using as many pesticides, the surrounding animals are much safer from these harmful substances.

Although some believe organic food to be free of pesticides, that is simply not true. Organic food is beneficial because it has lower levels of pesticides, typically natural pesticides. Natural pesticides still have some health risks as evidence shows. However, when you eat organically, you lower your exposure to these harmful pesticides that have links to cancers, tumors, and disorders.

Getting organic food today is easier than ever. you can avoid growing it on your own and simply shop online. The best place to buy vegetable plants online are the places that ship directly from the farm to your door. Going organic will take getting used to but once you do you would be able to wrap your mind around how you ever ate any other way.