Garage Tips from Organization Experts

Most people don’t even use their garages to park their cars, which defeats its actual purpose. Instead, it’s filled with clutter and miscellaneous items you haven’t touched since who knows when. Organizing a garage can be a very frustrating process, however, it’s worthwhile and will save you time in the long-run since everything will be easier to access and put away. Here’s a few helpful tips to get you started.

1. Labeling- This can help you organize items that should be stored together. Labeling also helps you find what you’re looking for later, since often we just can’t remember where we last placed something.

2. Categorize Belongings- After you determine what items are useful and what items can be thrown away, you should organize your items based on different categories. You’ll want to separate and store items based on what their function is. For example, keep lawn equipment together, sports equipment together, and more.

3. Use containers- Containers and bins can help save space and keep similar items together. You can keep small hardware items like nails or screws into containers so you can easily access them and they won’t get lost. Bigger items, like holiday decorations, can be stored together in a labeled storage bin so they can be stored away, save floor space, and be accessed when needed.

4. Shelves Help- Shelves can be used in various ways and store items of different weights. Shelves store items so they won’t be cluttered on the floor and can be greatly beneficial when trying to stay organized.

5. Pegboards- Pegboards are a great idea to hang up tools with minimal effort. Instead of digging around in drawers and bins, pegboards allow you to see the tools and more easily access them. It’s easy to store items and put them away.

6. Ceiling storage- If your ceiling is high enough, ceiling storage is a great way to store items and clear your floor. Especially if you have items you use infrequently, this is a great place to store them.

There are many ways to obtain better storage and organization in a garage.