How to Find a First-Rate lawyer in New York


Finding a good lawyer could be a difficult task because of the overwhelming amount of licensed lawyers today. It is not enough to do research online or look though a phone book. There is much that has to be done to find the right lawyer, one that has the level of skill and knowledge needed to assist you.

Start with personal referrals. Speak to people that have been in similar situations you are in. Ask them to give you the names of lawyers they have used. Just because a lawyer worked for someone else does not mean it will work for you but it is a good lead. Another type of referral, one that could potentially be more reliable and useful, is that of a lawyer. Every lawyer knows another that specializes in each of the areas of law and the ones they know are likely credible ones so consider their advice.

To narrow your search, identify the area of law your case falls under and look for lawyers that specialize in that area. For example, if you are facing a lawsuit due to construction law, only look for construction law firms in New York. When you work with a lawyer that already knows the field you can be confident that they know can handle your case the best of their ability. If you do not, they may leave holes in the case because they have focused their time on other areas of law after law school.

When you interview potential attorneys be prepared. Outline your needs. Focus on the initial chemistry between you and the lawyer. If you do not feel comfortable the relationship you form is never going to be ideal. You must be compatible to work.

In this meeting, discuss how you can get in contact with the lawyer and how often they will stay in contact with you without you having you act first. You want a lawyer that will work hard and promptly. Nothing is more annoying than hiring and trusting a lawyer and then not hearing something for weeks or worse, longer.

You want a lawyer that will educate you on the legal principles and procedures needed to be understood in your particular case, one you can trust and communicate with.