How to Hire Your First Employees

When businesspersons start a new business they have to prepare to begin the hiring process. As a start-up company you do not have much leeway in your budget to pay an employee who is not working up to their full capability. And if you hire someone that doesn’t work out, you have to dedicate extra time and resources to find a replacement which as a new business owner you do not have very much of. Below you will find so basic tips on when, where and who to hire for your company.

Start by asking which position needs to be filled first. This can be different for every business depending on the industry and the skills you possess yourself. Higher level positions are typically filled after the business has had time to grow and you have had to time to assess everyone’s personal skill level.

Many jobs can be done by free-lancers, so consider that is an option before hiring a full-time employee for a position. Positions in accounting, manufacturing, web design, marketing or public relationships are all ones that can be done on an online basis. Something to be considered.

For a small company, it is best to hire people that are very flexible and used to a smaller environment. The best candidates are ones that don’t require “hand-holding,” ones that can handle a great deal of pressure and be independent. Some employers look to hire those with big-business experience, however this is not always the best way to go. These candidates are used to set rules and regulations which is not the case in a small business. In these companies, everyone does a little bit of everything.

A selling point for a small start-up company is that you have the ability to form a closer relationship with management because everyone works together and employees have the potential for high growth if the company is to expand.

The best way to find employees is through networking. Ask the people close to you to recommend someone. For a start-up, this is the best way to get your first few employees to get the business going. When your employees start they may suggest someone they know for a position as well, keep that in mind because they have gotten a feel for the company. They have perspective.

Once looking to expand, the online job boards are a great place to post openings. While some go to the most popular, larger sites like monster.com, the smaller niche sites can narrow the applicants to the ones specifically interested in your industry.

Employment agencies and head hunters can assist you in finding employees for your company from entry-level to executive. Like previously stated, the higher level positions are usually filled after the business is up and running. When it is time to hire these employees it is even more important to get help from executive search agencies because they are experts at the field and will help you point your business in the right direction.