Shipping Tips for the Holiday Season


Holiday season is upon us! It’s a wonderful time of year and a potentially stressful one at that. Holidays mean a lot of online shopping, shipping packages and returning gifts. In order to keep the holiday shipping process running efficiently and within your budget, follow the advice below.

  1. Put the mouse away and utilize a local shipping center.

In some cases, in some states, when you ship packages though major carrier websites such as FedEx or UPS the rates you are seeing are retail rates and could potentially be charging you additional fees from dimensional weight adjustment, address correction fees and/or pickup additional charges. Sometimes, local shipping centers allow you to simply pay the onetime fee when you checkout and with no surprise charges.

  1. Choose Wisely. 

Search through a list of carriers to find the one that fits within your budget and delivery time. There will be one for you.

  1. Ship early when possible.

Every carrier likes to promise that the shipments during the holiday season will have the same transit times as the shipments that go out throughout the rest of the year but it cannot be guaranteed due to the additional volume of shipments. Around the holidays it is best to give yourself at least a 7 day window when for ground shipping especially for package going a far distance. This method of shipping is the cheapest so to save money and stress just ship as early as possible. Often West Coast Deliveries will take 4-5 Business Days and East Coast will often be delivered with 1 to days via FedEx and UPS ground.

  1. Package carefully.

Of course getting your package on time is important but so it’s getting it in one, undamaged, piece. To avoid damages, your package must to be packaged carefully. This is even more important during the holiday season because handling the extra volume of packages can lead to rough handling. When packaging, make sure to use the approved packing tape. This does not include masking tape or duct tape.

During the holiday season e-commerce businesses experience a large increase in shipments. Because of this it is important for the business to know they are getting the best rates and services for their company. Companies must review all parcel delivery services and pick the best fit. If necessary, hire consultants who can assist with negotiations and guarantee the lowest rates possible.