Tattoo Removal


When you get a tattoo you plan for it to be there forever. There is always the chance that the tattoo turns out to be a mistake. In the United States, about 17% people who get tattooed, regret them. Below are some reasons why people consider removing a tattoo.

–          As we mature our tastes  and interests change. A big reason for tattoo removal is getting a tattoo at a young age. As you get older and your life changes, the tattoo you once loved may now be a source of embarrassment.  

–          The tattoo is in a visible place and it is holding you back from getting a new job.

–          Tattoo represents an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

–          Bad quality tattoo

Tattoo removal techniques have greatly improved over the years. That being said, it is not a quick and easy process. The process is expensive, extensive and can also be painful. Never get a tattoo with the idea that you can later remove it.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most successful way to remove a tattoo and the results can be quite good. The laser used during this process is a Q-switched lasers. The lasers work by using short pulses of light that break apart the ink into small pieces. The pieces are broken down small enough so your immune system can attack and carry them away.

The downside of this treatment is that it takes several treatments to be successful. Typically, a successful tattoo removal takes 8-12 treatments. Some take less, some take more. The factors that affect the amount of treatments you get include, skin type, location of tattoo, color, scarring, and layering. in total, it is common that this procedure can take from 6 months to a year.

Successful laser tattoo removal requires the patient to be in good health. This requires them the sleep enough, drink a lot of water, eat health, exercise and stop smoking. This type of treatment is not recommended for those with serious health problems.

This process can be painful. In order to relieve some pain, most people use some topical unaesthetic cream or an injection. Do not take any pills that have aspirin in it because this can cause excess bruising.

Due to the advancements in lasers, the chances or scarring being left behind is rare, but possible. Scarring depends on the size, color and skin type. Darker colors are easier to remove, florescent colors are the hardest, like yellow or green. It also depends on how deep the artist injected the ink.

The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

There is no definitive price for laser tattoo removal. The harder tattoos are more expensive. This depends on, size, color, location of the tattoo, etc. The price will vary depending on where you decide to get the treatment. on average, dermatologists that perform this treatment charge more. Laser tattoo removal specialists at laser studios are usually more accommodating.