The Rising Need for Senior Care Management


Baby boomers are creating a rising need for senior care management. It’s expected that the senior population will rapidly increase in the upcoming years as this generation continues to age. This increases the need for senior care experts, whether in management, nursing homes, in-home care facilities, and others. A new but rapidly rising profession is that of geriatric care managers.

Geriatric care managers and senior care managers are exactly the same thing. These professionals are trained to assist families in caring for their elder loved ones. The goal is to decrease stress on the family and increase the elderly relative’s overall quality of life. The list of responsibilities a senior care manager can execute is a lengthy one. Some of these tasks include assisting the caregivers and the family members, evaluation of living options for the senior client, and managing doctor appointments and instructions. Besides for the need of more senior care managers because of an increasing need numerically, more and more families are seeking out professional help to manage their loved one’s daily life and improve the overall quality.

Senior care managers are more qualified than a family caregiver for many reasons. It can be extremely difficult to make these life-changing decisions for their loved ones. It’s also a hard role to add to the everyday tasks in one’s life. Most family caregivers are caring for their own children while simultaneously caring for their parent. Hiring a senior care manager can help lighten the load a little bit. This gives the family caregiver more quality time with their parent or elder.

People from various backgrounds can qualify to become a geriatric care manager. Managers have backgrounds in nursing, social work, case management, or gerontology and typically have a strong background in working with the elderly population. Some training in senior care is required to take on these positions. Certification is also another important qualification to uphold a position as a geriatric care manager.

The rising need for eldercare management has introduced the geriatric care management profession. Geriatric care managers improve quality of life for senior citizens and their family caregivers.